What will you eat the guests of your wedding? The menu bed always poses a challenge to the future spouses not just: In fact, on the one hand you want to give to its guests an unforgettable experience, the other it has to do with issues of budget and aesthetics. But the menu is not to be a stress! In this article we'll give you some useful ideas to help you prepare your menu di nozze in an easy.

How to choose the suitable menu

To ensure that your wedding menu is in keeping with the importance of the occasion, here are some general guidelines on how to structure the meal in order to make it more palatable to all invitees.

  • L'antipasto: do not go overboard! It is important to leave space for the flow and subsequent non “ruin” now the appetite of guests. The options are endless, from sandwiches to fruit cocktail, affecteds canapĂ©s.
  • The cheeses: it is good that the cheeses offered that are both seasoned fresh
    The first: better match the first two rather than three large meals
  • The second: the tradition is to serve a range of meat and fish (interspersed with sorbet), with boundary
  • The wine: it is important to offer quality wines on the occasion of his marriage. Recommended the advice of a sommelier and the alternation of different wines between one course and another
  • It serves: total freedom, is really all to your taste!

Often, however, we do not know where to start! If you have never attended a wedding reception, in particular, non avrete una precisa idea di cosa inserire nel vostro menu di matrimonio.

The food needs

Keep in mind that not everyone eats all! When you create your menu marriage is important to remember those people who, for one reason or another, not be able to enjoy some of the food that will be served. How to make friends with vegetarians (who do not eat meat) about vegans (who do not eat any animal products)? What to do with celiac invited (intolerant to gluten) or people with other types of food intolerance? It is important to provide many alternatives that take into account their needs.

In short, the menu for your catering bed is something complex and must be carefully planned! You'd add more tips?