Organizing a wedding is typically complex. One aspect of this event that requires greater care is definitely the receipt. There are numerous types of locations and services from which to choose the most suitable for making special day of “yes”, and that choice will always generate a lot of confusion. Una delle soluzioni più gettonate è quella di affidare ad un servizio di catering la gestione del ricevimento.

With this type of service, you can customize your reception with the help of experienced professionals in the field who will be able to treat in detail the event, the choice of dishes organization of the whole event. Per chi desidera realizzare il proprio catering di matrimonio a Roma, here are some ideas for the occasion.

Dinner or lunch wedding in Rome: the buffet

catering buffet roma

The buffet is a successful solution at all ages and is the most common alternative to the classic Timber. Especially if carried out in a very large, the buffet allows you to organize in a simple and elegant to be a lunch dinner. To make your wedding the best buffet requires careful coordination of the service and it is therefore essential to rely on the expertise of a catering service. Whatever the tone of the event, be it a wedding ceremony in a casual or more refined, the buffet fits perfectly thanks to its versatility.

The simple elegance of refreshment for your wedding

catering rinfresco roma

If you want to give a touch of originality to your wedding, refreshments is one of the best. Ideal for outdoor use, a simple refreshment is a great way to combine with highly personalized event organization. To make your party special decorations you can opt for a variety of, preferably in a large garden with gazebos, in order to create a light and pleasant around the banquet. The party is also ideal for those who prefer the accompaniment of soft music.

Catering for wedding: Tradition is out of fashion

pietanze catering roma

Among starters, first and sweets, the dishes that you can choose from are countless. If the many delights offered by our kitchen we add a variety of dishes from other countries who have now conquered, sushi in the first, the list becomes even longer. How to navigate through the many options available to us? A good idea would satisfy customize your wedding menu with the tradition of Italian cuisine. The kitchen made in Italy, in fact, there is still the option by far the most popular choice for a wedding reception and offers many dishes unique in their composition and flavor.

A special atmosphere for your wedding in Rome

wedding catering rome

Opt for a catering service allows greater flexibility in the organization of your reception. In this way, You can freely choose the location you want and at the same time rely on the quality of your catering service of confidence. To customize your wedding reception in Rome you can create a theme, for example, choosing rustic dishes for a reception on a farm.