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Pasticceria Bar Pappagallo

The pastry of Pappagallo Bar, has a twenty year old experience. Here you will find only products of their own production and the creation of "specialty" full respect for the tradition of pastry, following carefully the choice of top quality ingredients.

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Catering Pappagallo Bar

Our Catering Service offers customers a planning and organization of receptions, parties, catering for weddings, Baptisms, communions, christenings and special occasions boast especially details, transforming them into memorable events.

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Cake design

cake design Roma

The department cake design bar Parrot offers a production of artistic cakes in Rome, for every taste and need. A custom cake for a special event is not just something nice and fun to watch, but it is also good to enjoy!

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Restaurant service

Every day Pappagallo Bar offers its customers a restaurant service, with a wide selection of pasta, second courses. Enjoy a quick lunch, quality, with table service, but with the convenience of prices from the diner..

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