A Roma, Santa Claus delivered presents to children every year across the city. Think, there are even those who say that he does not exist! How can you believe something like this!? The home of Santa Claus is not in Rome, but in a place far away at the Pole. We at the Parrot Bar, but, we were able to convince him to come to us! This is an extraordinary event for children of all ages who want to meet in person what funny man with a white beard dressed in red.

A photo with Santa Claus is a reminder that your son / daughter to bring back for a long time, a magical moment as a gift during the holidays more popular with smaller.

Think about it: Father Christmas in Rome 2012 is not an event as all other. For the happiness of your children, and for an afternoon full of gifts, Photos, magic and more, come to find the

23 December at 16.00 (book: 339 4967385)