Cakes Sugar Pasta Roma

Looking cakes sugar paste in Rome? We have a solution for you GOOD! Looking cakes for children? Turn your child's party in an unforgettable day starting from sweet. Make a birthday cake themed with their favorite characters made exclusively by hand sugar paste. You expect quality and beauty! Served by us, professionals cake design and you come back from the first birthday cake, every year until the day of his wedding.

As we all know sweets suitable for cover sugar paste They are not exactly those of Italian pastries. Unfortunately the general public, by the famous television programs broadcast in recent years, He has always spoken of sponge cake though in fact what you see under pounds of pasta boss sugar cakes, all is, except what. The dear old sponge cake is not completely put aside this fashion, ma, Alas, it certainly can not consider the sweet more suitable to be coated or decorated. Its high structure and full of air that needs to wets, more or less alcoholic, to be appreciated, It should theoretically be stuffed with wet pastry creams and “slippery”, that definitely does not help in “estate” a cake that, For definition, It should be straight and squared off as the said “law” del cake design all’americana o all’inglese.

If you want a pastry shop that deals with the creation of cakes sugar paste in Rome, We are looking for, forty years we make cakes for all occasions, Parrot Bar in Rome will make your cake with sugar paste for your special event.

Where it keeps the cake once decorated? The cakes are always kept in the refrigerator, the pdz not ruin in the refrigerator, It hardens slightly, He will return to its normal consistency after about an hour out of the refrigerator.

You have purchased a cakes sugar paste in Rome from "the Parrot" and you're curious to know how long you can stay out of the fridge a cake sugar paste?

There are many variables, the most important are the external temperature and the filling. It 'clear that it is never good to keep food too long in the summer heat or sunshine, this is a rule that applies to all foods, all the more true for a sensitive product like a cake. We need to focus on fillings, you know that some sensitive products such as custard, whipped Cream, yogurt etc. will be destroyed soon if kept out of the refrigerator; Cream butter and sugar paste give us a hand of conservation because they keep filling our well-sealed and therefore protected.

If you need to leave a cake out of the fridge for a long time, I suggest you choose a filling that does not fatigue quickly, the creams are more suitable: hazelnut spreads (nutella), hazelnut or pistachio, jams and marmalades, Ganache cream. Indicatively, if the temperature of the house is around 22 degrees, any toppings we use, we can safely take the cake out of the fridge for 4/5 hours, if the time out of the refrigerator or the outside temperature increase clearly the time for our cake decreases, it is therefore advisable to use fillings I listed first.