evento 500 vespa

If you are a lucky owner of a Fiat 500 antique or a vintage Vespa, then do not miss this extraordinary event organized by Parrot Bar.

Fiat 500 & Vespa Party

Write down this date on the calendar, Friday 29 June 2012 at 17:00, because there will be the first Fiat 500 & Vespa Party organized by the owners of Parrot Bar & Catering for all lovers of these beautiful specimens of engines made in Italy.

By 17 all 18 Taste delicious Free appetizers and try the specialties of Parrot Bar which is located in Via Gregorio VII 71/79, 00165 Rome.

The only requirements to participate in this meeting is to come to our bar with your FIAT 500 Piaggio or Vespa vintage time given to enjoy our drinks for free and meet other people with your same tastes!

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To contact The Parrot Bar:

Via Gregorio VII 71/79
Rome, 00165
Tel. 06-6380 785

Raduno 500 & vespa