Rome is famous not only for its beauty of cities, but also for the culinary tradition that characterizes many decades. The capital is in fact known not only to the Coliseum and for the many expressions of art and history, but also for confectionery delights that have nothing to envy to the rest of Italy: entering a pastries in Rome means diving into a world of greed! Let's look at some of the most delicious delicacies typically Roman.



Who does not know maritozzi? Probably anyone would appoint the delicious and sweet buns with which men and women would exchange a symbol of your love? Traditionally stuffed with cream, maritozzi is a typical sweet breakfast today, although in the past it was the sweetness of Lent. Under no pastry of Rome may be missing. I recommend, eat it fresh! [hr_small]



A Natale, in the Roman tables, There is a dessert that can not miss. This is not panettoni, pandori the quant'altro, but one of the most well-known examples of traditional sweets of the capital: the pangiallo. Of ancient origins, the pangiallo was prepared and eaten during the winter solstice and was used to greet the arrival of the sun. The shape is that of a loaf of bread and the main ingredients are dried fruit, farina e miele. The mixture of dried fruit and wheat flour produces a result… da leccarsi i baffi! [hr_small]



How can we forget another important exponent of traditional sweets Roman? The frappe date back to ancient Rome and is said – although there is no evidence – that they were prepared mainly during the celebrations of Carnival and they were called originally frictilia. With a delightful mix of fried, flour and icing sugar, frappe are another unmissable treat for the palate and not Roman. [hr_small]

The desserts from our patisserie in Rome:

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