The Parrot Bar catering division organized a birthday party for girls in Rome taking care of the cake, catering and all the little details, to make the best birthday party for little Eleanor.

Festa di compleanno per bambine

Eleonora has compiuto 4 years and for this occasion we have prepared a birthday party for girls themed princesses. Eleanor is a real princess is worthy of royal treatment for the party so we first prepared the birthday cake with all the Winx fairies. As expected, Eleanor was really excited about this surprise.

Festa di compleanno per bambini

The theme of the festival was princesses and fairies, so we have not neglected to match the tablecloth from the Winx Club with the dishes and glasses of Disney princesses like Snow White, Cinderella and Rapunzel, all color coordinated pink. For us we like the Parrot Bar organize birthday parties for girls and make them happy.

Festa di compleanno per bambino

Even the parents were really happy and told us that they have never organized a birthday party for girls so beautiful and they were really happy that we brought home the cake, the slice, the pizza, sandwiches and other specialties from the kitchen of the Parrot Bar.

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Birthday party for girls

The Parrot Bar Catering Division organizes and completes the birthday party for girls as desired including different types of meals and snacks, also included the children's personalized birthday cake with the writing or the character of your choice.

Birthday cake for girls

Decide how you want the cake for your daughter and we realize, We are arranging a birthday party for girls. We make birthday cakes for kids, We can use your favorite cartoon or football player, the only limit is your imagination. Common examples are the Hello Kitty birthday cakes, Winx Club, Barbie, AC Roma, Dragon Ball and many other.


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