Decorations to make the cake of your special children

Celebrate our birthday is always an opportunity to experience a special day, at all ages. By children, is a great event that we look forward and fills us with joy and it deserves to be studied in detail for the happiness of the smallest.

Organize a children's birthday the best means to satisfy their tastes without lacking creativity. These are the real basic ingredients for the perfect pie. A Roma, the cake of dreams can become a reality: just follow the tips outlined below for a cake decorated in a very special way.


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Hello Kitty for a cake “cool”

The repertoire of ad hoc decorations for the cake of our children can not miss the release of sugar in cat currently most popular: Hello Kitty.

Our suggestion is possible to characterize your cake with ease, making it visually pleasing and balanced, ideal to surprise your little girl with a scrumptious creation.

Also, the design that characterizes this cake leaves enough room to add the name of the small.


The Patty to decorate with originality

One of the idols of boys and girls come from the USA and is called Patty.

If your daughter or niece passionately follow the adventures of this little girl from braids, can not but appreciate the extraordinary nature of this cake that sees once again the protagonist.

Modest in size but definitely not in the look, this cake has all the credentials to be transformed into a real success.


Cake custom theme Iron Man

Iron Man is a real tough guy, but only for combat at breakneck speed is also perfect to customize so special cake for your child.

The printing of one of the super heroes loved by children and the addition of some doodle chocolate are among the elements hit the spot for creative leaving a cake to celebrate the little mouth open.


We celebrate with Yu-Gi-Oh

For many lovers of cartoons made in Japan, a way to customize the birthday cake would be to apply a release of Yu-Gi-Oh.

The decoration theme in Yu-Gi-Oh proposal is very simple but made unique by its creativity: a simple color printing on a white background but flanked by the thousand colors of smarties applied directly on the edges of the cake.


A touch of magic to your cake with the Winx

All magical Winx unite to the perfect decoration.

The cake theme Winx suggest is very simple, but thanks to the bright colors and applications surrounding the release of the fairies from the most popular girls, donate to your cake looks bright for the happiness of the child.


The cake with the Gormiti

Ideal especially if the birthday boy is a boy, Gormiti the theme allows you to get a special cake and colorful.

Choose this theme is a smart move to be able to surprise your child on his birthday with simplicity and a touch of originality.


Small fans grow

One of the ways to make a special birthday party for your child is to surprise them with the colors of his favorite team.

Discreet, but successful, the cake style Juve is an ideal example for younger fans.


Minnie, beautiful and delicious

Brought to the fore by the current fashion, the character of its recent Minnie is still perfect for a personalized cake so nice and pleasant to the delight of the little birthday girl.

The world's favorite little mouse, with its nose and its colors, enough by itself to efficiently decorate a cake with cream as the one we suggested.


Let's light engines

The boys, know, beyond football also love engines. A sweet Ferrari for the cake than he could in fact be particularly welcome.

Just a mini Ferrari as an application on the cake to customize to create a special effect and a guaranteed success.


…or Spongebob!

The popular spongebob is one of the ideal characters to be taken into consideration to customize the cake of a child. Or a child, given the popularity of the nice yellow sponge was collected from boys and girls.

Here's a cake in the shape of Spongebob, such as that suggested, creative and colorful.



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