In Rome, personalized cakes for birthdays unforgettable

The birthday is a special day for excellence. But sometimes, overwhelmed by a thousand things of everyday life, you forgot to give due weight to the anniversaries of their loved ones or your date of birth.

Luckily there are some symbolic dates that can not go unnoticed. How to celebrate in the best way these moments? With a personalized birthday cake, Rome can be.

Here is a carrelata birthday cakes customized:


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The birthday cake customized to the breath of the first candle

personalized cakesIt seems like yesterday and yet three hundred sixty-five days have passed since the birth of your baby.

Were three hundred sixty-five days of late nights and diapers, but it was the most amazing year of your life. To celebrate the first year of your puppy personalize the cake with any kind of decoration from the world of fantasy.

We breathe in the world of traditional fairy tales, alla Walt Disney, the most famous Italian illustrators, the traditions of Rome to make the most of our personalized birthday cakes.


Eighteen years in Rome: A Custom Cake hundred horses

compleanno RomaYour children, no longer satisfied to return after midnight, no more happy to have gotten the house keys, claiming those of the machine.

Be eighteen years in Rome means one thing: Patent!

Our idea of ​​a birthday cake is custom four-wheel: for eighteen years of your children and your grandchildren realize customized cakes shaped car of any model and any number plate.


Thirty years in Rome, do not forget

torte di compleannoThe thirties are a milestone: rained the first successes in the field of labor, the first ideas of stability if you are a couple or why not?, will furnish the first single from independent studios.

Celebrate your thirtieth birthday with a custom cake for men or women: a small Marilyn Happy Birthday wishes to President of for boys, a little George Clooney for girls.


A custom cake for your fifty

roma tortaThe half-century can not go unnoticed. Children born in the Sixties in Rome, celebrate your birthday with friends on a cake rock! Beatles, Rolling Stones…and so on and so forth!

If you want to inspire the music of your twenty years, the Eighties to do more for you: Madonna, Annie Lennox or Duran Duran will be the stars of your own birthday cakes…inside there and wait for a surprise musical, seeing is believing!


The most special birthday

Custom CakeTreat yourself to a personalized cake for your magical milestone. Eighty years – that's for sure- are accomplished only once. For you we have thought of a cake with the best pictures taken from the album of your life in Rome and around the world.

A picture puzzle of sugar to make your special day unforgettable. Surrounded by children and grandchildren enjoy the pleasures of blowing eighty candles…not bad!


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