So you're planning your big day. You know, plan a wedding is not easy and you have to think of everything in advance: ceremony, invited, reception and much more. Whether you organize all by yourself, whether you rely on a wedding planner, one of the most important choices that couples are facing is that of… food!

How to choose the most suitable bed catering for their needs? Here is a list of some important things to know (elements to be considered, taming the porsi) to make the most sensible choice and offer the guests an experience you will not soon forget!

1. What kind of catering?

wedding catering romeBefore anything else, you obviously need to choose which type of service catering offer its guests. Everything else, in fact, depends primarily on this choice. Depending on the time, of guests and your tastes there will be an option that will be better than the other.

  • Table service: probably the most traditional choice, guests will be assigned to specific tables and each course will be served by waiters. The main advantage is that this allows a lot of order in the room, but perhaps there are other choices that allow greater interaction among the guests.
  • Buffet: this option is to have drinks and courses on different levels, where the guests can help themselves with the help of the waiters. Benefits: more interaction between the people present as free to move; greater freedom of choice depending on personal tastes. Perhaps less suitable for a more traditionalist.
  • Refreshment: a solution that is often chosen by those who make an afternoon reception, it is a way to make something more simple and suitable for a greater number of people.

How to choose the type of catering bed top? First of all, consider your personal tastes. The reception is not only for the guests, so think about what is the kind of service that you like the most. For the rest, There are two main things to consider: your invited (age, type of preferences) and budget (Refreshments will be cheaper than a table service).

2. Budget and booking

Regarding the amount to invest in your wedding reception, this usually amounts to about half of the total expenses. Obviously how much it costs throughout the wedding depends on many variables. It is important to seek more than one quote in order to get a better idea, and reserve service several months before the event. Before you think about it, better! [hr_small]

3. The menu

Banqueting WeddingIt is absolutely essential to try out the menu before you book. You do not want your guests eat something other than what you have in mind, not?

We will not go into the details of the menu to choose from, because there are really dozens of possible options and catering bed, as any type of catering, is based primarily on your tastes. Please bear in mind a few things to ensure that all their guests are satisfied:

  • Special menus for children
  • needs of people with food intolerances
  • needs of people vegetariane / vegane

4. The wedding cake

Cakes for WeddingsThere are of course wedding cakes of all kinds, tailored to the tastes of each one in terms of look of taste. The cakes are often, at a wedding reception, not only a sweet taste but a true artistic product that seems almost a shame to eat!

If you need inspiration on the type of cake to choose from, here are some photo galleries of wedding cakes: a nice collection your Pinterest, one its and another on the site Ilaria Galeano will help you choose the model that best suits your needs. [hr_small]

5. The exhibition

catering for corporate romaÈ importante considerare non solo il cibo come elemento fondamentale del ricevimento di nozze. To plan a successful catering is necessary to consider the whole of what will happen: the service will be adjusted? People have fun?

Then, it is worth to make sure that some elements are treated in detail:

  • printing the menu
  • cutlery, dishes, glasses
  • napkins, tablecloth, centerpieces
  • staff (badge, attitude)
  • the preparation on-site the kitchen

More questions?

Do you have questions about how to choose the best catering for your wedding? Leave a comment and we will be happy to answer you as soon as possible.