Catering and refreshments for all kinds of events

Buffet € 10.00/persona (minimum 25 participants)

buffet bar parrot 1Pizzas in puff pastry
Assorted rustic
Mini sandwiches
Muffins rosemary and coarse salt
Mini bruschetta with baked vegetables
Buttons to milk with cold cuts
Ascending salati
Penette with Sicilian pesto
Baskets of pastry tart cherries and apricots

Buffet € 15.00/person (minimum of 25 participants)

buffet-6Slices of focaccia Roman
Assorted mini sandwiches
Pies (ham and cheese and cottage cheese with mixed vegetables)
Flemish salami
Mini kitsch’ with zucchini
Delicious kebabs ovoline and cherry tomatoes
Mini bruschetta with vegetables to oven
Juienne lettuce, carrots grapefruit and Gaeta olives
Curls of pasta with pesto tomatoes and Parmesan cheese
Piccatine chicken lemon and saffron
Fresh fruit salad

Buffet € 18.00/person (minimum 25 participants)

buffet-5Mini sandwiches seafood
Roulade of ham and cheese
Ascending salati
Polpettine ricotta e mentuccia
Skewers ovoline and cherry tomatoes
Meringues potato and parmesan
Flemish ham and boiled potatoes
Eggplant rolls stuffed with fettuccine
Slices of turkey with white wine sauce
Basmati rice salad with julienne vegetables
Sliced ​​fruit
Baskets of cottage cheese and sour

Buffet € 18.00/person (minimum 25 participants)

Buffet-2Mini kitsch’ con zucchine e pomodori secchi
Mini sandwiches
Sfogliata vegetable
Ascending salati
Pizzas in puff pastry
Flemish salami
Flemish with cheese and honey mustard
Meringues Parmesan and potatoes
Polettine with chickpeas and saffron
Lasagna wing oven with artichokes
Half sleeves tomatoes and buffalo
Piccatine with orange chicken and pine nuts
Zucchini gratin
Baskets pods with crumbled chocolate and chantilly
Sliced ​​fresh fruit with powdered sugar

Buffet € 22.00/person (minimum 25 participants)

buffet-7Shrimp cocktail and julienne of lettuce
Bruchettine mixed with vegetables and various creams
Meringues Parmesan and ricotta
Mini-rolls of bresaola and mozzarella
Scones with rosemary and coarse salt
Meatballs with ricotta and mint
Paccheri cuttlefish, pachino tomatoes and buffalo mozzarella
Buffalo mozzarella with salmon and pink pepper
Piccatine with orange chicken and pine nuts
Mediterranean strips of flesh
Flemish zucchini, eggplant and potato gratin
Skewers of fresh fruit with drops of dark chocolate
Mignon fresh pastry

Coffe Break per Aziende - € 8.00/persona (minimum 25 participants)

Coffee thermos

The various hot in thermos

Sparkling mineral water and natural

Succhi di frutta arancia, pineapple and grapefruit

Assortment of mini pastries,

Ascending salati

Biscuits from the

Mini pizzas red puff


Focaccine bianche al rosmarino

Materiale monouso compreso: Cloth (in tnt), piattini, glasses, cutlery, sugar.

Returns € 40.00

At booking 30% di anticipo

All prices are excluding VAT

The drinks are to be considered excluded

Service waiter € 100.00 cad.

Possibility to rent a ceramic material, glass and steel.

We reserve the right to change prices if, as a result of an inspection, this does not reflect the canons standard of service above.

Each addition which tables, chairs and so on must be indicated and evaluated through a special price list.

The price of transport refers to the discharge in a ground floor, Otherwise you have to add a surcharge for the bearing.

Regarding payments, will be paid a share of 30% dell 'amount to the confirmation of the participants (not more than a week before the event), and the balance, by check or cash, at the end of the service.

The share of the waiter is to be referred to a time that does not go beyond the hour 18.00 in the case of TABLE, and not after midnight if DINNER.

Contrary to this will be charged a fee of € 15.00 the time for each element.