Pastry Parrot Bar offers a service personalized cakes in Rome, che si distingue sia la professionalità, sia per l’approccio estetico molto creativo. Vieni a vedere la nostra grande offerta di torte capaci di ingolosire alla sola vista; and, se nessuna è di tuo gusto, puoi decidere tu come personalizzare la tua torta.

All our personalized cakes are made using only fresh ingredients of the highest quality, complying with all applicable national and Community legislation on food. Le nostre torte personalizzate vengono preparate in ambienti idonei e conservate in modo da garantirne la freschezza e l’inalterabilità.

Our customized cakes are suitable for each type of event as:

  • Marriage
  • Private parties
  • Birthday Parties
  • Children's parties, or girls
  • Baptisms
  • Communions

The imagination is the limit we set ourselves when we realize personalized cakes because the possibilities are endless, you can print photos on the cake and this may include the character or your child's favorite player, the fairy or the singer whose daughter goes mad or write your own dedication to your girlfriend or wife. Imagination increases even more when you start to build three-dimensional cakes that are very much appreciated by the children for skyscrapers, castles and cobwebs spider man style.


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Le torte di pasticceria del Pappagallo Bar

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Cake Design: torte artistiche per tutti


Il nostro team di pasticceri realizza anche torte artistiche o di Cake design, decorated cakes and much more. Choose the custom cakes of parrot in Rome, non te ne pentirai! Che siano torte artistiche nuziali, di compleanno o per bambini, vi offriamo tutto ciò di cui avete bisogno!

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Custom Cakes for weddings

Catering per matrimoni a Roma

Order with us the perfect wedding cake for you and fully customized, you can expose us your ideas and realize exactly what you want. We offer an incredible variety of customized cakes of any shape and taste, exactly as you like.

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