Il Pappagallo Bar divisione catering ha organizzato questa birthday party for children taking care of logistics, catering and all those little things that make a party truly fun for every child.

Torta di Compleanno per bambini spiderman

The little Gabriel has made 3 years and on this occasion we have prepared a birthday party for children themed cartoons. His favorite character was always Spider Man, Spiderman, and really enjoyed the smiles and big beautiful cake that we made with love.

Festa di compleanno per bambini roma

Since this was a birthday party for children Spiderman theme we have not forgotten anything and therefore the plates and the tablecloth was marked strictly Spiderman. These are very attentive to show that we care for the children to let him have a happy growth.

Festa di Compleanno per bambini

But my mother was happy birthday party for children that we have prepared, She did not have to worry about anything, we've brought home the cake, the slice, the pizza, sandwiches and other specialties from the kitchen of the Parrot Bar. Since Gabriel is a frequent visitor to our even know his passion for pizza and then we brought in large quantities.

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Birthday party for kids

The Parrot Bar is responsible for the preparation of catering for any birthday party for children that includes different types of meals and snacks as well as children's personalized birthday cake with the writing or the character of your choice.

Birthday cake for kids

Decide how you want your birthday cake for children and you will get your dream (or that of your child) realized in practice. We make birthday cakes for kids, We can use your favorite cartoon or football player, the only limit is your imagination.

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