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Astoria 9.5 Cold Wine

Vinitaly 2010 Gran Medaglia D'Oro


Tenuta Val de Brun. Vineyards oriented north-south and east-west with about 4000/4500 plants per hectare with an average age of about 8/12 years. Average production of 1,5 kg per plant equal to 60/70 per hectare. Grapes: aromatic varieties typical of the Treviso. Breeding system: Sylvoz.


The grapes are harvested a few days in advance of the perfectly ripe, to maintain a lower sugar content, higher acidity and fruity scent. The vinification is traditional with soft pressing and cold maceration with partial. The must is kept at 0 ° C and used for the various sparkling wine during the year. Fermentation, conducted at approximately 10/12 ° C with selected yeasts, allows to get scents of aromatic and very intense. The wort is transferred directly in the middle of fermentation in autoclave for the foam to pass a single fermentation at low temperature, in 35/40 days, must be finished in sparkling wine, in order to give greater strength and development to the aromatic component that characterizes this very special sparkling wine; Furthermore, the fermentation at low temperature induces the formation of substances that give structure and depth to the wine, so to compensate for the low-alcohol and maintain a perfect harmony of taste. Once the second fermentation, sparkling wine is kept on its lees for 30 /40 days, to supplement and enrich the heritage organoleptic. Before bottling, sparkling wine is dosed with a small percentage of valuable aromatic grape juice to complete and harmonize the landscape taste / smell of the product.


Perlage: very fine and persistent. Color: straw yellow with greenish. Smell: ethereal, delicate, very personal for synergy between varietal aromas and flavors of the yeast; with strong aroma. Flavor: full, harmonious, dry.


Actual alcohol, % flight. 9.00 – 10.00 Sugars, g / l 13.50 – 14.50 Total acidity, g / l 5.50 – 6.50


2 – 3C, obtained in the bucket with ice.


Store in a cool place, dry place away from light and low.


9.5 Cold Wine – Astoria

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