100 Motivi per Bere il Caffé   Il Pappagallo Bar

A few days ago we launched a competition on Facebook to find all the reasons why we drink coffee every day. Between responses that we expected, come “to wake up in the morning”, and some adventurous hypothesis, we are trying to find 100 reasons, we propose here and those found so far.

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1. Waking up in the morning

2. To read the newspaper in peace!

3. To have five minutes of air to work

4. To not have a headache

5. Because without the coffee the day not really starts

6. Because it reduces the risk of diabetes

7. To chat with a friend

8. To make an appointment

9. Because the coffee is good

10. To recover after a heavy lunch

11. Not to fall asleep at the movies

12. To digest

13. Why is good for health

14. To take a break from study

15. To have a snack

16. Why energize before going to the gym

17. Because it helps you lose weight

18. Why do we drink from 700 years

19. Why black coffee without sugar has zero calories

20. Because it reduces the risk of suicide (!)

21. For when you do not know what to do

22. Because every day you drink about a billion and a half of coffee

23. To kill time

24. While watching TV

25. In order to have an excuse to eat a sweet

26. Finally a wedding dinner

27. To recover after a tiring day

28. To make a nice breakfast bar

29. To offer it to a friend

30. For every day we see the Parrot

31. To be in the company

32. Because it reduces the risk of depression

33. Why does the coffee “There is”

34. To overcome the hangover

35. To go to work without sleep after a night out



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