Parrot Bar Catering Division


The Pappagallo Catering Division specializes in the preparation of traditional buffet, meals, cakes. Our service Catering is renowned for its freshness and professionalism of the food presented. The artistic decoration of an event is accompanied by a bite that will make your event unique. From unforgettable moments such as organizing catering for weddings, birthday parties, catering for baptisms, communions and confirmations, Team of Pappagallo will give a magical touch to the occasion.

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Cakes for Weddings

Pastry Parrot Bar offers a service of creating wedding cakes in Rome. Our cake designers offer customized solutions to meet all requirements so that all our,it wedding cakes ( ) are elegant, fine, delicious and exactly in the style and tastes of your choice.
Come see our large selection of wedding cakes, and you decide how you want to customize easattamente,it.

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Cake Design al Pappagallo,it

Realizziamo la tua idea
An artistic cake for your party is not just a sweet taste with friends. Care, the beauty and uniqueness of each cake to make a memory to keep for life. From wedding cakes (both classic, and innovative) to the world of colorful and imaginative children, there is a perfect solution for any special occasion

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Pastry Bar Rome

THE ART OF PASTRY,,it,for any special occasion,,it
For any special occasion,it
Our pastry chefs are the real "Dolce Artists",,it,a wide variety of cakes decorated with,,it. The Pastry Arts at its best with delicious cakes of Pappagallo Bar, Wedding cakes from the traditional multi-story to the romantic and nice cakes for special occasions. And the touching moments as a first birthday, a wide variety of cakes designed and decorated with cartoon characters.

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Pappagallo Happy Hour

8 Euro
Via dei Savorelli 122, Rome 00165
tel. 06 63 80 406

The parrot in Rome,,it,The Parrot Via Anastasio II,,it,The Parrot Via Gregorio VII,,it


The Parrot BarThe Parrot, born forty years ago in Rome and is revealed to be an immediate success, thanks to the many visits of children and parents to "the Parrot of the Bar" in Via Anastasio II.

The Bar continues to expand its clientele that visits him day and night; famous for his time in the capital continued around the clock, is nicknamed "The Bar of the Night".

Today, a meeting point for all, especially among young people who come to take the famous "Pappagallo's Coffee", cappuccino e cornetto, to relax with a drink or just for a chat. The success continues and the Pappagallo Bar also opens another room to Via Gregorio VII and also becomes a success and a reference point close to the Vatican.

The premises boast a rich pastry, Restaurant and Catering, offering their clients personalized services for parties and special occasions, home food delivery and catering business.

Come and try the delicious cakes and pastries of Parrot Bar or simply have a coffee!

Il Pappagallo a Via Anastasio II (Street corner of Savorelli,it 122)

Bar Pappagallo a Via Anastasio II

Il Pappagallo a Via Anastasio II, also called “Bar Night” is frequented mostly by young people at all hours of day and night! Known in the capital for the hours non-stop, welcomes its guests with a tasty pastry and a coffee unforgettable. The Bar also has a wide selection of “Tobacconist's”.

Il Pappagallo a Via Gregorio VII


Il Pappagallo a Via Gregorio VII welcomes guests to the area and not only; devoted to the climate of the Bar and reception staff we were all together just like a big family. For the morning riveglio something else better to enjoy the coffee of Pappagallo Bar with a warm croissant. The Bar also has a wide assortment of pastries and cakes to envy.

Both the local offer Food Service lunchtime with the distinction of a quality service to the table to the prices of a diner.


Via Anastasio II, 45 Street corner of Savorelli,it, 122

Via Gregorio VII, 71/79

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